The Magic Column – Berlin – by Romain Brau


« Monsieur / Mademoiselle office! Bonjour, Catherine on the phone! How can i help you? An invitation? To Berlin? Wunderbar!!!! »


And here i go dragging myself in this lovely city by september. How great…


What to wear? what to wear…!? We always think that Berlin is trash and that there is no way you can wear your 3 meters long klein blue hat! Well …What the hell !!! Snake style and silk attitude !!! I had found this lovely hotel in Kreuzberg that was just 4 minutes away from Oranienstrasse… Amazing !!!


Falling a sleep in Paris and waking in Berlin is a bit magical!


Couchette surprise with four beautiful Germans boys with me… i had the wilderness dream of course until one of them undraped himself by the hit of the night to reveal an enormous erection of 23 cm very large and very aaaaahhhhhhhhhh !!!!! The rest of the story is mine of course but i can tell you one thing: « the toilets of the night trains Paris/Berlin are just the perfect size »!


Guten Tag ladies and gentlemen ! welcome in Berlin…

Crossing the forest, admiring the architecture, eating big sausages… hummm Berlin! I kind of like you !!

I need a bike ! Cylcling along the berlin wall… following the river… stopping by an amazing cemetery on the direction to my favorite lunch place… The squared with the market ! You can write down this adress… flea market, food and antiques… it’s just perfect! Laying inside of the park between drunk junkies playing with there dogs and playing guitars… what a vision! but i love it… (Travestrasse)


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But let’s not forget why we were there! The invitation was to cover a very nice photo exhibition… Since the begining Monsieur/Mademoiselle is following young artists! Fashion designers, photographers, illustrators, painters, musicians and freaks in general… Thank you for the beautiful invitation! It was in a small gallery at the end of Schlesischestrasse and i loved it!

Big ladies doing salons in the middle of the gallery talking to the guests and making the atmosphere amazing. Hysterical tranny stick sit behind a piano revealing the atmosphere of the pictures… a very affordable art ! All the pictures were around 200 euros. Maybe the good time to collect ? I arrived at the end of the opening… i felt a bit uncomfortable but thanks god they were organising a party in the bar near the gallery… Barbie Deinhoff’sOnly hot boys were accepted obviously ! I had to give some french accent and everyone was around me (which i didn’t mind at all).


Silence in the room please !!! My lady will sing!


Hey hot frenchy ! What’s your plan ?


Well follow me then ….



As your eyes are dry! I was dancing in cocktail de l’amore in the south of Berlin. This place was called « The cube ». An enormous empty parking space where dj’s were performing until 11 of the morning… which was not long enough to be honest cause… we arrived at 4h! Having sex in the park takes some time in Berlin… It’s a big city you know. Blinded by the morning sun it’s hard to go to sleep at 11 in the morning and i had some addresses to check: I would have killed my self to not drop by the Berghain… Pure bauhaus monument, far in the industrial zone but still in the midlle of Berlin! Ba Boummmm !!! Berghain here we are! Temple of great music and funky people, the cathedrale of freedom and grave of pleasure. You just step in and you understand everything. I could describe you the place but i want you to discover it yourself if you are one day going there…


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By being band it was not easy to take some pictures.


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I left the place on Sunday night… i was dancing all night and day and water was my only friend !  it was amazing to take all my energy from the music and the beauty of happy people around me.

It was my last day and i wanted to do the Neue national gallery… not bad i must say but nothing crazy ! here some pictures of my last visions before taking my train back to Paris…


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xxx. Romain.

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