House of Base : « Everyone’s invited. Kind of. »


House of Base is one of few young Parisian labels that manage to snatch the zeitgeist with a youthful, compelling energy. Yet, what makes HoB so appealing is without doubt the simplicity of its founder’s vision. I stumbled upon Seba Stolarczyck’s designs a month ago, unsuccessfully tried to talk him into offering me a wonderful sweatshirt and decided his work definitely deserved to be delved into.




– There’s something very youthful, spontaneous and slightly rebellious about your designs, which also reflected very well in your « défilé sauvage » [dance happening] last June, can you tell me about what inspires you ?

When I’m thinking about a collection, I’m really thinking about sensations. I design a story, more than a special trend. Most of the time, I tell the story of a particular context. When I decided to take my boys through the streets and make it happen, I was talking about them. About that generation, in and outside Paris, that dare make things happen. I wanted to focus the attention on them, on what they had to express.
I’m first of all inspired by the energy that my entourage shares with me. I’m inspired by the beauty of simplest people, their habits. Their lifestyle, the way they dress. Their tastes.And i guess this is going to be my creative process. ‘Cause I’m a curious guy and I really want to explore people’s own worlds, that seem so close to me, while they’re not.


– Is there a particular message or meaning you feel your clothes carry with them ? I think I spotted a few « spread love » or spread « unity » tags…

This is what it is all about. Spreading love. When I design an outfit, most of the time, it belongs to a character, a story behind it. It could be a feeling. The symbol of a guy I met. A memory. A state of mind.
I’m not interested in designing clothes for everybody, ‘cause i could lose the meaning. I expect people to be touched in a way. To feel their own spirit in those pieces. Each piece has a « soul » more than a price. This is what I meant by « spread unity », that fashion belongs to anyone who can reach that feeling of sharing who you are, that differences build the true unity.


– What’s also striking on your garments is the vibrant mix of colours, textures and minute details, where do they come from ? You told me you spent some time in Mexico, did you draw your inspiration from that as well ?

I guess you’re thinking about the HOLI FUCKERS collection, that I built with a friend of mine, Maud Zaluski, for our Graduate collection. I was designing the menswear part. We started with the inspiration of the Holi party in India, throwing colours and energy everywhere. Then we dipped it into an underground sauce, showcased by the Club Kids for example. It was also the idea of the show.
At that time, I was that freaky boy, in search of many things. Experiences. Challenges. I was designing as I was cooking. Very spontaneously. No question. Basic finishes. It was all about the message. The idea of the desire you can feel for that kind of person, really confident, with style and attitude. That you won’t think a second that you could even talk to him one day. You know. It was a spiritual trip in creation. It was like putting colours on empty spaces. With attention more than reflection. Well. I was also partying a lot at that time.
I just got to Mexico, two months last year. It was for me the first step into the wild. I had nothing to lose. I left everything here in Paris. I had no more job, no more flat. I needed that personally. To cut every bond to my current life and I was yearning for a brand new lifestyle, new inspirations too.
When I got back to Paris, I was even more stable. I found something there I guess. And paradoxically I got wiser work-wise. Technically more careful and patient, which I didn’t use to be. I started to learn the discipline of well-finished-work. The story that came to me was also different.
I guess Mexico made me feel that I belonged where my heart was. In France. And got me closer to my country, the habits here in Paris. I had a brand new look at the city. At the people here. And they started to inspire me. The workers. That I loved to observe when I was in Mexico.The simple joy of living and sharing a vision. I guess I’m a little inside out. Now I really want to mix those practices together, the craziness and the discipline.


– So you were a club kid yourself, would you say music influences your work ? Where does the name of your label come from ? (Ace of Base ?)

Music did. A lot. I was living through techno. Melancholic house. And rock n’ roll. And pop, still.
I love Ace of Base. However, this is not exactly the reason why it came like that.
Base, literally is what it is. Everything starts with a basic. It’s also the reverse of my name, Seba.
I can be very alone in my creative process sometimes, but I have to say that the people around me are the best support. They kick me in the ass and make me realize and understand, everyday, life, as it is. They’re all involved in my art. And everybody is. ‘Cause creation, and art, is the only thing I believe in, deeply.
Well, picture the idea as a whole family supporting each other in a huge house of creation and freedom. This is the House. Like it could be my house. Everyone’s invited. Kind of.




– Last question, a tad more practical : you graduated from the Atelier Chardon-Savard a few years ago already, how is it going for you as a young French designer ?

I’m living La Bohème. I make love. I feel free. I have a house to stay. I’m still inspired and curious. I feel like I have many things to say. That everything’s just beginning. That it’s gonna be alright.









S/S 2014 Womenswear – focus on Thom Browne


Dearest readers,


Here’s my selection of noticeable looks from the latest fashion weeks, I suppose I may just let the images speak for themselves first :


Ackermann ss14 ACNE ss14 1 AF Vandevorst ss14 ann sofie back ss14 2 Armani ss14 Balenciaga ss14 baptista ss14 Cedric Charlier ss14  Chalayan ss14 1  Christopher kane ss14 christopher_kane_ss14 david koma ss14 Demeulemeester ss14

Haider Ackermann, ACNE, A.F. Vandevorst, Anne-Sofie Back, Armani, Balenciaga, Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Cédric Charlier, Hussein Chalayan, Christopher Kane (détail), Christopher Kane, Chloé, David Koma, Ann Demeulemeester.
Givenchy ss14 2  hexa by kuho ss14 2 Jacquemus SS14 KTZ ss14 lacoste ss14 2 Le Tan ss14 Lemaire ss14 Lespagnard ss14 marni ss14 McCartney ss14 2 Melitta Baumeister ss14 MM6 ss14 1 Nicolas_Andreas_Taralis ss14 1 piece_d_anarchive ss14 2

Givenchy, Hexa by Kuho, Jacquemus, KTZ, Lacoste, Olympia Le Tan, Christopher Lemaire, Jean-Paul Lespagnard, Marni, Stella McCartney, Melissa Baumeister, MM6, Nicolas Andreas Taralis, Pièce d’Anarchive.
pilotto jacket + shirt ss14 Proenza schouler ss14 Undercover ss14 Van Noten ss14 2 Vaulthier ss14 Vionnet ss14 Vuitton ss14 headpiece Westwood red ss14 2 Westwood ss14 1

Peter Pilotto, Undercover, Dries Van Noten, Alexander Vaulthier, Vionnet, Louis Vuitton, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Vivienne Westwood Gold Label.


But the most exciting show (if we put aside Louis Vuitton’s marvellous set) turned out to be that of my (current) favourite American designer, Thom Browne.

Browne gave us a delightfully twisted vision of a delirious woman, by turn nurse and patient, whose descent into madness transpired through her ravishingly embellished pure-white clothes (the intricate details and textures of the garments were truly astonishing).


t browne ss14 show-1 t browne ss14 show-3 t browne ss14 show-4 t browne ss14 show-5 t browne ss14 show-6 Thom Browne SS14-1 Thom Browne SS14-3 Thom Browne SS14-4 Thom Browne SS14-5

1046693 thom browne backstage 3 Thom Browne ss14 closeup

 All images from,,




Scraps : Samson & Delilah by VV Brown


Dearest readers,

After a few months of silence and desperation (holidays), I am finally back on track, über-excited by the upcoming changes (yes, you should stay connected) and pleased to announce that I will from now on be writing from London.

To mark this new beginning, I wanted to share with you the latest musical gem I had the chance to discover live at Rough Trade East a few days ago. There she stood, barefoot on the shop’s small stage, proudly facing the audience clad in a black coat and white pants, her hair untied.




I bet you already know VV Brown, or at least you must have heard her catchy Shark in the Water track – from her album Travelling Like the Light – that rightfully buzzed in 2009 (god I’m old) – see also Leave.




After the aborted Lollipops & Politics project, Vanessa Brown is finally back with Samson & Delilah, a brand new album with which she makes quite a shift, turning to darker tones and brighter synths in a slightly saturated atmosphere – to my utmost delight, of course.

Introduced with the somewhat stripped-down, Oriental(istic) aesthetics of two recently-released intriguing videoclips (Samson, The Apple), Samson & Delilah barely recalls VV’s early works but her vibrant voice carries this musical piece to unexpected heights, adding a somehow richer and more genuine feel to it.




Near the end of her acclaimed performance, she declared : « What you hear is really true, truly me. » and this new album does sound like a primal, interior quest to maturity – which she brilliantly achieved.




My personal favorites from Samson & Delilah’s track list: Faith, I Can Give You More, Igneous, The Apple, Ghosts, Warrior



VV Brown will be performing on October 17 at Electrowerkz in London, her performance will be accompanied by a video projection (of her videoclips followed by a twenty-minute-long short film).




RST, SS14 & CTR, in a Nutshell


Dear readers,

Now the various fashion weeks are over and you had some time to digest this endless avalanche of clothes, let’s get back on the looks I deemed noteworthy.


Resort first :


Dior rst14 JonathanSaunders rst14 Thom Browne Rst14 Vionnet rst14Acne rst14 2 Chalayan rst14Givenchy rst 14

Dior, Jonathan Saunders, Thom Browne, Vionnet,

ACNE, Hussein Chalayan, Givenchy

Then menswear :


Yamamoto s14 pants Xander Zhou s14 Westwood ss14 Walter Van B s14 Van Noten s14 coat Thom Browne s14 Raf Simons S14 McQueen s14 Lanvin s14 KTZ S14katie-eary-ss14_19 JWANDERSON_ss14_2 juun j s14-1 Juun J s14 finale Julien David s14 Jil sander s14 J L Sullivan s14 socks e tautz s14 Doma s14 Agi & Sam F13 Acne s14 Ackermann S14

Yohji Yamamoto, Xander Zhou, Vivienne Westwood, Walter Van Beirendonck, Dries Van Noten, Thom Browne, Raf Simons, Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, Kokon To Zai, Katie Eary, J.W. Anderson, Juun J, Juun J, Julien David, Jil Sander, J.L. Sullivan, E. Tautz, Damir Doma, Agi&Sam, ACNE, Haider Ackermann.


with a focus on young brand Alibellus+ and its remarkable outfits :


Alibellus s14 Alibellus s14 2 Alibellus s14 3 Alibellus s14 4 Alibellus s14 5 Alibellus s14 6


…and a few details :


Yamamoto s14 make up Shoes raf simons s14 juun j bracelets Hair shaun samson Hair walter van beirendonck

Yohji Yamamoto, Raf Simons, Juun J, Shaun Samson, Walter Van Beirendonck

 Plus a few couture looks :


Dior f13ctr Margiela ctr aw13 Van Herpen aw13

Dior, Margiela, Iris Van Herpen




Images from,,,



Dearest readers,


Haven’t you heard of the incredible CHERYL ?

Who are they ? What are they ? Where do they come from ?


CHERYL is a wildly creative gang composed of four young Brooklynites who started throwing insane costume parties around NYC about five years ago. They’ve since been touring Europe, setting up parties in the most unexpected places, and are just about to invade Paris for the very first time on Saturday.

Let me introduce you to the delightful Nick Schiarizzi, CHERYL’s resident DJ, who kindly accepted to shed some light on CHERYL’s nightly fabulousness before Saturday’s exclusive CHERYL WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE party at the Nuba, the new trendy bar on top of the Docks.


Capture d’écran 2013-07-03 à 12.21.02



– What does CHERYL stand for ? Is there a specific meaning attached to this name ?


CHERYL is our name, but it’s pretty hard for us to explain why. Initially the name made us laugh, as it’s a bit of an awkward name for a party and artist collective. But over time we’ve come to realize it’s the perfect name for us, for reasons we can’t completely describe. Some of us think it’s an everyday name – everyone in the US knows a CHERYL – others in our group think it’s a reference to the people we grew up with.


– Why this uncanny fascination with blood and glitter ?


CHERYL is all about realizing you’re alive, and pushing everything to the extreme. When you get that perspective on things, to not take anything for granted, and to party as hard as possible (because why wouldn’t you?), things come together, and CHERYL comes to life. A lot of our themes have to do with mortality and blood obviously ties in with that. The glitter just takes everything to the next level.


Capture d’écran 2013-07-03 à 12.16.05


– What do you think of the attitude of our generation toward partying ? Do you feel young people are more eager to party and participate in costume parties ?


We think partying is different everywhere, and everyone has a different reason for partying. It’s a bit hard to answer this question in a general way, but we find that there are plenty of young people, new to clubbing and partying, who love what we do, just as much as some of the older, more seasoned club-goers. I think that people are equally excited across the ages to come and party with us and get dressed up – the younger ones might self-destruct a bit more on the dance floor, which we appreciate.


– Does Cheryl ever get political ?


No. Along with being semi-anonymous, which allows us to put the spotlight back on the crowd instead of on us, we try to make our party accessible to anyone – we don’t all have the same political beliefs within our group, and we don’t try to preach to our crowd in any way. There are parties in Brooklyn that are heavily political, so people have that option if they want it, but we don’t usually go into that territory.


Capture d’écran 2013-07-03 à 12.37.08


– What do you think makes Brooklyn such a suitable place for emerging or independent artists and performers ? 


New York has always been the cultural hub of the United States, being our largest, most international, and most important arts city, and in recent years, Manhattan, where everything was once centered, has become too expensive for most artists to live in. So Brooklyn is just the continuation of what New York has always been doing, just pushed across the river for those of us who are not independently wealthy.


– You haven’t performed in France yet, have you ? But you’ve performed in London, Berlin, Barcelona and Lisbon. How is European nightlife different from NYC’s ?


We have not yet performed in France, but we are very excited about it. Nightlife is different in each city in Europe – some cities have a hard time letting loose, some cities go all out and rage, some cities want to transform your party into a techno bear rave. I think that each city takes what we’re giving them and makes it work in their own special way. In New York, you have the Brooklyn scene which is more DIY, affordable, scrappy, creative, etc and often is a mixed gay/straight crowd. In places like East London, the crowd is often exactly the same as Brooklyn.


Capture d’écran 2013-07-03 à 12.18.53


– You have partied at the MoMA in NY, how did that go ? Did it go as well as you expected it would ? 


The MoMA party was so fun. We took over the first floor of MoMA and projected our videos in a huge atrium on the second floor. One thousand people bought tickets and it was one of those moments where we felt really proud of CHERYL. We had a bunch of interactive mannequin stations, a mannequin DJ, and some brief performances on the floor, and then it morphed into a huge dance party which I DJed. It was a great night for us.


– What was the most memorable place you set up a party at ? Where would you dream to throw a party ?


A patio in the middle of Madrid, a pier on the East River in Manhattan, or underneath an elevated highway in Brooklyn with our mobile dance party van. Those are some pretty weird places for us. We would love to throw a party on an airplane – imagine how quickly the flight would pass by, and how fun it would be during turbulence with strobe lights.


Capture d’écran 2013-07-03 à 12.20.11


– The party you threw at the MoMA celebrated the Cindy Sherman retrospective, and she obviously is one of your sources of inspiration. What are the persons, icons, artists & works that most inspire you ?


We have a lot of sources of inspiration. Some from pop culture, some from the dollar store. A lot of stuff from our childhood, like obscure movies and shopping malls and television shows that stuck in our memory. We have a lot of respect for contemporary artists like Cindy, but I’d say our main sources of inspiration come from some pretty unexpected sources. We love T-Boz from TLC and her trademark mushroom tendril hair. She inspires us. We also love Count Chocula, the chocolate dracula cereal we have in the US. We love the 1980 movie « The Apple » about a future 1994 in an America run by a record executive named Mr Boogaloo. We love cats. And we like shitty hair extensions you can buy at dollar stores. These things inspire us.


– Does fashion influence your work in some way ?


Definitely – our party is all about the costumes. Our themes encourage our partygoers to create their own costumes out of everyday materials, and make their costume debut at our party. It’s one of the few parties I know of where people come in costume everytime, but there’s no bad attitude or snobbiness about it – it’s always fun and funny and impressive how creative people get.


Capture d’écran 2013-07-03 à 12.15.17


– Any musical crush you’d like to share with us ?


Many – Michael McDonald, Toni Braxton, Todd Terje, TEED, Matthew Dear, and Sylvester to name a few.


See you Saturday !


Capture d’écran 2013-07-03 à 12.38.29




To celebrate both the French fête de la musique and the beginning of summer.


Dear readers,


Here’s a new playlist to celebrate both the French fête de la musique and the beginning of summer.

Please note that some of the songs (the highlighted ones) also feature great videoclips !





Ce Matin Là-Air


Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)-Arcade Fire


Desert Island-Architecture In Helsinki


It’s Alright (62 French Girls Can’t Be Wrong Remix)-Bang Gang


L’Idéal-Barbara Carlotti


Sutphin Boulevard-Blood Orange


Oh La La-Brigitte


Faye Dunaway (French Kiss Mafia Remix)-Casey Spooner




Keep You-Class Actress


Only Love-Cyan Kid (ft. Loki)


Life Slash Dreams-Dan Black


Märchen Von Der Wolk remix-David Keller


Your Loft My Acid-Death In Vegas


I Feel Love (long version)-Donna Summer


The Heat-Easter


Tombé Pour La France-Etienne Daho


Dreamer-FM Attack


Paradise-Lana Del Rey


Sky Fits Heaven-Madonna


Hurricane-MS MR


The Sun-The Naked And Famous


Who’s Joe?-New Order


Self Control (Bottin Edit)-Raf


Losing You (Cyril Hahn Remix)-Solange


Two of Hearts-Stacey Q


I’ll Try Anything Once-The Strokes


End Title-Thomas Newman (Revolutionary Road)


Joyeux-Vive la Fête


Amor Fati-Washed Out


Mon Pays-Yelle


Daydream-Youth Lagoon


Scraps : Mohini Geisweiller


Dear readers,



Former lead singer of Sex in Dallas, Mohini Geisweiller strayed from the mildly-scandalous electroclash band to start a solo career which culminated in the release of Event Horizon in 2011.

Mohini gently lays her delicate, slightly shaded voice over dreamy, uncomplicated artificial tunes popping from a tiny Casio keyboard. Akin to her clean, intimate minimal electropop, her first videoclip Milk Teeth (directed by photographer Cyrille de Vignemont) distills a pure, mysterious and ethereal atmosphere in which her pretty face fits perfectly.




This friday (June 21), Mohini Geisweiller will be playing with Nicolas Ker at 2am inside Saint-Eustache cathedral for the Parisian fête de la musique.



Paris 2013

Toward (Koudlam remix)

Cyrille de Vignemont - 1




Série Mode: VALRAS-PLAGE 1986






Quand on a annoncé qu’on allait faire une série spéciale avec Blackrainbow, un sourire moqueur s’est dessiné sur quelques lèvres : « Trop hipster ! », qu’on nous a dit ! Pourtant, on kiffe le magasin streetwear de la rue des Archives dont nous avions déjà fait l’éloge dans un article précédent. Il n’en fallait pas plus pour qu’on décide de jouer le jeu à fond les gifs animés. Après tout, avant d’avoir lancé une fatwa contre nos barbes, nos sweats imprimés chats et nos goûts musicaux douteux (qu’on essaye à coup sûr de faire passer pour du génie oublié), on nous attribuait une certaine créativité abreuvée de crédibilité.



PAUL: chemise – STUSSY / jeans – CARHARTT / casquette – NORSE PROJECTS /

ZOÉ: tee-shirt – LEROY JENKINS / legging – American Apparel / shoes & bandana – vintage /



Il était temps de revenir à la source de la gloire de cette contre-culture et d’ériger le ringard comme apogée du cool. Nous sommes persuadés qu’idolâtrer son châle de mamie ou porter un tee-shirt à l’effigie de Sauvés par le gong est encore un acte de rébellion face à cette perpétuelle envie de nous dicter ce que l’on doit porter ou pas. Nous voulions faire la parfaite photographie de ce que rêverait d’être le typique passant de la rue de Bretagne … que le premier qui n’y trouve pas une pointe de désir nous jette la première paire de Vans à la gueule !

On s’est donné pour mission de réinsuffler une dose d’humour (et de cul, ça marche toujours) alors que le hipster fait presque débat de société. Il était devenu presque primordial de montrer que le streetwear d’un certain standing pouvait être approprié avec une ironie flatteuse et très mode sans forcément devenir une sorte de Berlinois conceptuel à la limite de l’agacement.





PAUL: teddy – STUSSY / chemise – NORSE PROJECTS / short – LEROY JENKINS / casquette – LESS /

ZOÉ: chemise – CARHARTT / short – American apparel / shoes – vintage /




Valras-Plage 1986 ne pouvait être que l’extrême expression du cliché pour montrer que cette boutique, repère du hip, possède les pièces les plus cool de la planète. Ne jamais s’arrêter au qu’en-dira-t-on et ne finalement suivre que ses envies, tel devrait être le credo des adorateurs de la mode.

Paul Gautier (alias Polly Pock), la geek dandy aux jambes de rugbyman, et Zoé Coulon, la Kate Moss sous acide punk, étaient plus que parfaits pour photographier cette scène érotico cliché de ce qui se fait de plus désirable chez l’Arc-en-ciel Noir.

Évidence d’un lieu comme le café Le Temple, recouvert par le léopard et les Marilyn Monroe comme symboles absolus du bar où la « branchitude » pourrait se retrouver pour être à contre-courant. Acte de rébellion, on vous dit ! Ça prouve qu’il n’y a pas lieu de se prendre la tête. Pas besoin d’aller au vernissage Vuitton sur le toit de Pompidou pour être quelqu’un. Une histoire de vacances où la belle viole son prince enivré par l’alcool dans ce restaurant de station balnéaire. En ressort une série hommage à un Guy Bourdin plongé dans l’absurde, les gifs animés venant appuyer notre théorie de l’autodérision.




L’histoire de la fellation dans les toilettes est venue naturellement tant on se régale de vous mettre à chaque fois un peu de fesses comme signature évidente de notre rédaction coquine. C’est vrai qu’on aime les choses un peu sales… et les sourires deviennent moins moqueurs, car plus surpris par cette audace.

Pour les vêtements, du Carhartt évidemment, du Norse ProjectsLeroy Jenkins et Stussy sans oublier runnings, touche bandana, casquette Less et denim taille haute… On est allés jusqu’au bout du kikoo/LOL. On voulait que ça soit ironique, cool jusqu’à la satire et connoté mode sans trop (Vogue) en faire. Vous avouerez que Paul & Zoé sont sexy à vouloir faire un ménage à trois. Pas à les frapper à la terrasse du Charlot.








Blackrainbow est une chouette boutique où l’on est toujours bien accueilli, où les pièces valent le détour et où le hip n’est pas un gros mot.Alors maintenant, ouvrez les portes de la prison dans laquelle les podiums tentent de vous enfermer. Explosons les tendances de ce qui est faux ou pas et jouons-nous des clichés les plus absolus pour en faire du beau. Ne nous arrêtons surtout pas à ce que le marketing essaye de nous imposer, il n’y a rien de plus nauséabond. Nous vous donnons rendez-vous pour une pomme d’amour à Valras-Plage et dans la rue de Bretagne ; en Blackrainbow, évidemment.



PAUL: veste & short – CARHARTT / tee-shirt – NORSE PROJECTS / 

ZOÉ: chemise – NORSE PROJECTS / jean – vintage /


Bien à vous

Crush : TRUST


Dearest readers,


First, facts : Trust is a Canadian band from Toronto that was until recently formed by Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski – who’s also been playing in the band Austra and recently left the project in Alfons’s sole hands.

Their first album is entitled TRST (funny how removing vowels makes everything look more interesting) and features a lovely analog-like cover picture representing a somehow withered and dazed transvestite in front of a blank background.

The band’s European tour is now over, and I got the opportunity to see them live a week ago – a previous series of mishaps having prevented me to do so in January.




Now that I have told you that set of pointless though useful banalities, I may get overly emotional and attempt to describe what it is that makes their music so exceptional.




TRST immerses you into the obscurity of moist nightclubs and sleepless nights, bathing your ear in waves of artificial sounds and mesmerizing melodies. At once unsettling and strangely seductive, sultry and whispery, Alfons’s saturated voice sprawls through curls of smoke and neon lights to startle and caress your senses. Carried by exquisite synthetic tunes and trance-inducing beats, TRST’s songs softly wreathe around you, infusing an irrepressible urge to close your eyes and wave along their rhythm. Still, TRST is not all about frenetic dancing and repressed sexual drives, as an unusual poetry quietly oozes from the album’s cryptic words.




Candy Walls, Shoom, Bulbform, Dressed for Space, Gloryhole & Sulk (listen to this delightful piano version of Sulk) certainly are, in my opinion, the most outstanding songs from the album. As far as I know, there are only two noteworthy remixes of Trust’s songs, one of Candy Walls and the other of Sulk.

If you still haven’t listened to it, you can find the entire album here. You may also discover a few exclusive songs on their myspace page, and I don’t think this song has a title yet.







PS : Did I forget to mention that Robert Alfons is also incredibly handsome ?

He incidentally modeled for an i-D magazine editorial, clad in some J.W. Anderson clothes.



Music: focus on sheer blondness


Dear readers,

 For some obscure and irrational reason, having bleached my own hair appeared to me as the perfect excuse to give you a playlist focused on sheer blondness.


With no further ado :


Nico – These Days (wistful blond)

Bonus : this extract from a Wes Anderson movie featuring neurasthenic blonde Margot Tenenbaum)

The Golden Filter – Solid Gold (electro blond)

Lady Gaga – Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (blond wig)

Cool – Gwen Stefani (nostalgic blond)

Bonus : another cute blond girl iceskating on this song (Elle Fanning)

Blondie – Maria (blond rock)

Amanda Lear – Forget It (disco blond)

Iggy Azalea – Work (twerking blond)

Fake – Brick (ethereal blond sidekick)

Don’t Touch My Hair – Brooke Candy (West Coast blond)

Rollergirl – Dear Jessie (90’s blond)

Brigitte Bardot – Moi Je Joue (« Tu les aimes mes… » blond)

Die Antwoord – Baby’s On Fire (Zef blond)

Austra – Spellwork (mystic blond)

iamamiwhoami – u-2 (cryptic blond)

Cindy Lauper – I Drove All Night (was-once-famous blond)

Vive la Fête – Amour Physique (lusty blond)

Fever Ray – Triangle Walks (avant-garde blond)

Samantha Fox – Touch Me (brainless blond)

Little Boots – Tune Into My Heart (Tenori-on blond)

Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes (raucous blond)

Kim Wilde – Who do you think you are ? (Cambodia blond)

Robyn – Hang With Me (Swedish blond)

Stacey Q – Two of Hearts (cheesy blond)

JJ – Ecstacy (Swedish blond duo)

Paris Hilton – Nothing in this World (blond heiress)

Zola Jesus – Vessel (dark blond)

Goldfrapp – A&E (natural blond)

Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ (classic blond)

Julien Doré – Glenn Close (Bichon blond)

Boytronic – Hurts (new wave blond)

Michael Pitt – Hey Joe (big-lipped blond)





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