Scraps : Samson & Delilah by VV Brown


Dearest readers,

After a few months of silence and desperation (holidays), I am finally back on track, über-excited by the upcoming changes (yes, you should stay connected) and pleased to announce that I will from now on be writing from London.

To mark this new beginning, I wanted to share with you the latest musical gem I had the chance to discover live at Rough Trade East a few days ago. There she stood, barefoot on the shop’s small stage, proudly facing the audience clad in a black coat and white pants, her hair untied.




I bet you already know VV Brown, or at least you must have heard her catchy Shark in the Water track – from her album Travelling Like the Light – that rightfully buzzed in 2009 (god I’m old) – see also Leave.




After the aborted Lollipops & Politics project, Vanessa Brown is finally back with Samson & Delilah, a brand new album with which she makes quite a shift, turning to darker tones and brighter synths in a slightly saturated atmosphere – to my utmost delight, of course.

Introduced with the somewhat stripped-down, Oriental(istic) aesthetics of two recently-released intriguing videoclips (Samson, The Apple), Samson & Delilah barely recalls VV’s early works but her vibrant voice carries this musical piece to unexpected heights, adding a somehow richer and more genuine feel to it.




Near the end of her acclaimed performance, she declared : « What you hear is really true, truly me. » and this new album does sound like a primal, interior quest to maturity – which she brilliantly achieved.




My personal favorites from Samson & Delilah’s track list: Faith, I Can Give You More, Igneous, The Apple, Ghosts, Warrior



VV Brown will be performing on October 17 at Electrowerkz in London, her performance will be accompanied by a video projection (of her videoclips followed by a twenty-minute-long short film).




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