La Marseillaise.


An end for a new beginning, a morning where everything should reborn and grow, some try to throw a disaster. Black magic and nasty thoughts for a vision that could help the LOVE to be stronger. Would love be a scary power ? Would union be able to destroy the value of the beautiful past.


La Marseillaise doesn’t think so !!

La Marseillaise  is always ready to fight and so will she ! She will sing until the day she will die.


Who are those people that are feeding the world with dust and broken stones ? We are gay and our weapon are red roses. We are straight we will fight for equality. You are poor of love and the life you think you built will collapse in my fingers. Be wise and don’t touch me, don’t be scared of the unknown and look at it and learn from it. We are here to built a better world, why don’t you help me to grow close to you instead of trying to walk on me ? You won’t do anything with your grey paint on our rainbow ! Call me hippie or sick, point your finger on what you call danger, shout on me the beast that is parasiting your ideal futur.But you can’t stop me to feel what i feel and see what i see. I am surounded by love, the real love that make me grow higher everyday. I will grow with the world and you are sufocating alone with lonely and empty bodies around you.

Which color is my blood or soul you are wondering !? Me the monster standing in front of you ! You send your army to hurt me, i am here on the floor wounded, i still face you but not alone. Look around, we are on the floor together, hurted and wounded laying infront of you. You, the liar.I need you as you need me. I am waititng for the moment you will let me forgive you. I have nothing to refuse to you. Our role is not to refuse the hapiness of the other. Why would you refuse mine ? 


Little spirit from nowhere, close your eyes on me.i only want to marry him.


xxx. Romain  Brau



Artistic Direction & Performance : Romain Brau

Directed and edited by Myrtille Moniot

Stylism : Cécile David

Special thanks to : RA, Stèv Romani-Soccoro, Emmanuel Pierre, Henry de Castillon.

Designers : Clarisse Hieraix, Manish Arora, Jean-Paul Gaultier Couture, Quentin Veron, Romain Brau.

Hair : Charlie Le Mindu.

Make-up : Cécile David.

Music : La Marseillaise / Claude Rouget De Lisle / Mireille Mathieu.

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