19H38 on Friday 21 of december 2012.


In a century where everyone is scared of everything, in a year that everyone is telling us that it’s the end… when everyone is trying to run faster and try to achieve more than they want or should… Mohamed Ben Lajoie is a bad electrician… a dreamer they were saying since he was born. His life was maybe « metro, boulot, dodo » but his little star following him could tell us that Mohamed was maybe a very bad « day time worker »… But his dreams were one of a kind !


We are starting our story by this tragic evening ! Tragic because everyone believes and knows that tonight on this heavy date:

we will all die !


What’s behind the door ? This amazing moment of the day where you leave things behind and forget all the ugly accumulated in the day and close the door in front of your own world. This world that only you can build and that only the one you love can understand.



Overalls imprimé – Bernhard Willhelm / Chemise blanche – Juun.J / Collier col doré – Heaven Tanudiredja


What you wanna do is just put your over all Bernhard Willhelm on the floor and leave it at the door.

– « Light up a cigarette for me Bibouska please !!! »

– « And please run me a bath… I think it’s time for me to drop my Juun.J shirt and my mini Bernhard Willhelm short… »



Chemise blanche – Juun.J / Collier col doré – Heaven Tanudiredja / Micro short – Bernhard Willhelm


Bibouska is what happen when, your all life, none is here to understand or love you… ! We all have our Bibouska, she comes and go depending of how you feel. It’s not every day that two heart bit as one. Maybe Bibouska doesn’t have a heart but she is here when you need her .

Mohamed is an artist, it takes him 10 minutes to erase the past and invent the night ! He paints his evening with fashion and keep his canvas for himself. The self of his nights. Tonight for this special last night, every steps of his preparation will be thought and sketched few times in his mind before the great result. It’s with a neck piece from Charlie Le Mindu that you need to relax in a pink foam bath and take very important decisions. Like the shoes you are going to wear for your last night !


– « Bibouska !!! can you please show me my Depression shoes ? »

– « Hum.. Maybe i don’t wear shoes… « 



Camisole Cheveux – Charlie Le Mindu / Chaussures Noeud papillon à studs – Dépression

Mohamed Ben Lajoie had maybe horrible used finger but after a pink foam bath this body was delicious and desirable… This algerian beauty should dry under a Serkan Cura turban with a robe from Romain Brau with of course the must have for the perfect dry effect… some pure gold and crystal from Heaven Tanudiredja.



Coiffe en plume – Serkan Cura haute couture / Peignoir rebrodé – Romain Brau / Manchette perlée – Heaven Tanudiredja


NAILS !!!!!!

One wish per nail for this romantic end with him self…

1/ I wish to open my eyes tomorrow morning to a better world, where no judgment can hurt people and where love will drive any of our steps

2/ I wish one day he will come back to me realising i never want to hurt him and that all i wanted was to be happy with him.

3/ I wish my morning to be more easy to find the right head piece matching my tops.

4/ I wish to be able to sleep on roses without to smach them.

5/ I wish my friends would understand more who i am … i wish they could see me now !


Second hand !!! Dry precious nails…


Coiffe en plume – Serkan Cura haute couture / Peignoir rebrodé – Romain Brau / Manchette perlée – Heaven Tanudiredja


1/ I wish couture was not so expensive this way i could buy more Manish…

2/ I wish my mother would be still alive and would help me to dress myself tonight.

3/ I wish to drive an elephant in Paris .

4/ I wish the party « Mauvais Goût » of Monsieur / Mademoiselle was every week !

5/ I wish to not disapear tonight, to wake up tomorrow with still the Eiffel tower in front of my window.



Coiffe en plume – Romain Brau / Jupe brodée – Manish Arora


It’s with his wet foot that Mister Ben Lajoie got into a silk embrodered skirt from Manish Arora… a bit of mink, million of pearls and sequins were making sure that this skirt would be sensationnal !

Paris, my soul, my heart, my everything, look at me tonight and tell me: «  A demain! », tell me you love me and that nothing will change. You’ve been there since ever, the all world came to kiss your floor the best artists painted you, sang you and danced with you ! Where will we be if there is no tomorrow ?


« for things we loved that goes away »


This Photoshoot is the result of the work of Cecile David for the styling and organisation of the shoot.

Mister Benjamin Dukhan did model for us with his best.

Miss Harmony Hendrickx is the heroe of this shoot as a photographer.

Direction : Romain Brau

Styling : Cecile David

Model : Benjamin Dukhan

Photographer : Harmony Hendrickx


Writting you soon,

xxx. Romain Brau.

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